This Royal Oak replica watch is known as the most classic style

This Royal Oak is known as the most classic style, mainly because it is the latest style improved on the basis of the original product. But the two hands (without the second hand) become the current flaw of this fake Rolex.

While the previous three-needle styles meet the aesthetic requirements of people today, the difference between the two is actually not obvious. Usually people who want to buy new styles have old styles. New replica watch friends will think that it is estimated that one or two watches are enough, but the actual situation is that old watch friends usually have more than three watches. Therefore, the new model in this case does not need to be replaced blindly.

Another situation is similar to the Vacheron Constantin series, in order to make the watch thinner, the manual winding movement is used. At the same time, the calendar function and the second hand have been castrated. Manual watches are more suitable for old and sentimental watch friends, but not suitable for new watch friends.

In addition to choosing replica watches that you like, you need to be known by others. Choosing a well-known classic model can effectively save time and cost. However, some popular styles that have been popular for many years are now much higher than the official price due to market hype. A closer look at the popular models with premium prices does not make people feel that the design is very good.

Every brand will have classic styles, and the selection range is very wide. There is no need to just stare at those high-premium models. The so-called prosperous and declining, or not, the decay will become more intense after being hyped too exaggerated. On the contrary, brands that often produce classic models but never hype are more worthy of owning.